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Production description

SynCM is a mixture of amino acids, vitamins and proteins that are secreted from Mesenchymal stem cell (MSCs). The four main components of SynCM are amino acid, vitamin, protein and mineral. This product is the raw material developed for manufacturing cosmetics.


SynCM is used in manufacturing cosmetics which supplies a combination of vital elements to nourish skin cells, thus promotes rapid and efficient skin regeneration.
Reconstitution: To prepare complete, SynCM requires to be supplemented at 1% to 5% in final concentration.

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Expiration time


Containers Volume
Bottle 100ml BE-003-100 2-8 12
Bottle 500ml BE-003-500 2-8 12



Bacterial and Fungal Contamination: No growth must be observed.

Mycoplasma: Results must be negative.

Endotoxin: Samples are tested for endotoxin contamination with LAL test.

Specification: Results must show a concentration of ≤ 25 EU/ml.


All specifications have been met.

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100ml, 500ml


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