MNC Extraction Easy Kit

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MNC Extraction Easy Kit

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MNC Extraction Easy Kit is a product containing chemicals and synchronous devices for separating nucleus cells (MNC) from cord blood/cord, umbilical cord, bone marrow, or peripheral blood. The MNC cell separator kit is based on the principle of density-centered centrifugal with a solution of 1.077 g / mL density. For ease of manipulation, the kit uses a semi-solid gel to separate MNC cells and the remaining cells after separation. This gel layer has a smaller density than the MNC cells but is larger than the rest of the white blood cells and red blood cells.


– 2 tubes of MNC Extraction kit 15 mL (may contain up to 10 mL of anticoagulated blood)
– 1 tube containing 50 mL Washing Buffer solution
– 1 sterile long needle
– 1 sterile 10mL syringe


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