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Ngoc Bich Vu, PhD., BEc.


Dr. Ngoc received the PhD. in Animal and Human Physiology, particularly regenerative medicine. She also got the Bachelor of Econimics, and Intellectual Property Director.

Hanh Thi Le, MSc.


Mrs Hanh got Master of Science degree in Animal Physiology focusing on cell therapy, immune cell therapy.

Hoa Trong Nguyen


Mr Hoa got Bachelor of Science in biotechnology. His studies focus on the cell reprogramming, and regenerative medicine.

Nhi Van- Le Hoang


Ms Nhi got Bechelor of Science in Biology in Ho Chi Minh. Her study focus on microbacterium, chemical biology and molecular biology.

Khan Dinh Bui


Mr. Khan got his Bachelor of Science in Ho Chi Minh University of Science at good level. His research related to cancer cell culture, cancer drug, and cancer cell signaling.

Phat Duc Huynh


Mr Phat got Bachelor of Science in biotechnology in Ho Chi Minh University Of Science with good level. His researches related to cell culture, regenerative medicine and molecular biology.

Thuan Minh Le


Mr Thuan got Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology at Universiy of Science in Ho Chi Minh. His research related to cell culture, histology and regenerative medicine.

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Associate Prof. Phuc Van Pham, PhD.


Director, Stem Cell Institute

Head, Laboratory of Stem Cell Research and Application

Deputy-Head, Laboratory of Cancer Research